Apple CarPlay Demonstration in 2016 VW | Ide Volkswagen

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The 2016 Tiguan hit our lot this week, and we were excited to test out the Apple CarPlay system. So far, our first impression is positive.

**Update: iOS 9 supports wireless, however, the radios in the vehicles do not at this point.**


Erica li says:

why tiguan doesn't have drive assistant features

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Raul Roman says:

Is CarPlay available in the Jetta Live??

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Junito Lopez says:

They updated the app, it also supports Spotify and others. Unfortunately, it does Not support Google maps

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Carl Swanson says:

You really think that ABBA is better than The Who?!?!?

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Ben Monk says:

do the latest polo GTI's come with carplay

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Xi Le says:

Does Apple CarPlay has a feature Find My Car that sync with the iPhone?

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Petter Vos says:

can spotify be used in apple car play?

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Michael Devine says:

he will come down to you up close and personal 😉

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Bronco2Cj says:

@Ide VolkswagenI just got a VW  equipped with apple car play,  a friend sent me a text and the banner showed from the top of the touch screen.. I go to touch/open the message and it just hangs saying "reading.." and it never reads completely.. have you experienced this before?

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kasim iqbal says:

Can you access YouTube with this app

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Ralph Taylor says:

He's wearing a HONDA T-Shirt! hahaha Good vid though. Very helpful

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Verde Aqua says:

Hi, great video and demo Ide VW would like to know if the sound system fits and mounts on the amarok 2015 pick up ?

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Patty Rutkowski says:

Just got a new Passat…and thanks to your video…I will know what I am doing…thanks, great carplay intro…

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