AdvertisEdd XCP (30 second ad)

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Take back time with this most exceptional (and shorter) thirty second version of the TV advert for XCP.
Hope you have as much fun watching this as we did creating it!
Despite the irreverence of the ad, the product really is very good at loosening, lubricating, cleaning and protecting, in fact, better than all of the rest. The world needs to know how good this stuff is so please tell your friends, share it everywhere…
XCP’s product range currently includes; Lubricate & Protect, Green One, One, Rust Blocker, Chain Lubricant, Universal Parts Cleaner.


Simon C says:

Don't mind the ads just hope there will be more Ed videos and doesn't turn into just ad channel

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howard atkinson says:

I understand you have to make a living but this is just no.

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quotagious says:

I've just purchased some of this and i'm trusting your word Edd that it's better than a Blue and Yellow tin ? We shall see soon as I've got some rusty nut's to sort on my car

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TheOffroader7458 says:

Adds are the way forward ! Not

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Justin Hamilton says:

I need to know how can I get these products in the United States? All I can find are suppliers in the UK …

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PHUSII says:

Cool add, will buy this stuff if i ever come across it 🙂

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Edd China low friction ultra sensitive condom Ad next?

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Spc Madoule says:

Title's speaking for himsel ! Knowing it why did you click on the vid ? And after all, is that really important ? Man it's just 30sec… And bitchin about it certainly took more time than the video itself… You clicked it, watched it, cried over it, and for what ? Does it change your life ? Does Edd care ? Just nope, just let him do what he's paid for, you are nobody to tell someone how to work, except if you are better, and the majority of the people bitchin here, if it's not all of them are million miles away to be better than Edd.

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Dan O'Neill says:

thanks you forgot floor wax & dessert topping !!

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James Goldie says:

Great to see you Edd, we love ye Man.

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Adam Michaels says:

What a tease! Come on, Edd, give us some real content.

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plucy470 says:

A new video from Edd!! Oh, never mind.

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Benoît says:

+Edd China maybe i will subscribe back when you put actual content…

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RoadTrip Review says:

All these complaints threatening a mass exodus  – yet the subscriber number on this channel continues to grow. If you're going to go, go. 

Another great video – can't wait to see what major project you pick up again in the future. Hopefully soon.

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Malcolm Walls says:

Nothing wrong with doing an advert………..monies money

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Harb's Elecronics Lab says:

God help you if you try and put food on the table………

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Darren Brooks says:

I can't believe the reaction to this video, it's an advert so what. Just because a video is uploaded you don't have to watch it.
Every YouTube account has to start somewhere Ed is an amazing guy give him a break while he starts out on a new path. Positive support is so much better than negative comments.
It's adverts like this that will allow him to make amazing content in the future so show your support and stay loyal to Ed

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Bruno Lazaro says:

so edd now is selling himself to a knockoff WD40 spray can manufacturer

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R Duke says:

Sold! Edd 👍🏽 commercial. If they sold it in the states I'd buy it.

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Pha Q says:

At least he is promoting a product he actually believes in. To many sell out to whomever signs the biggest check…

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TheBrookmeister says:

I'm not going to become an add junkie ,good luck edd but I'm out of here

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TheKizzyfish says:

Haters be hating! We still love ya Ed!

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Gio048 says:

Ed Rules,no matter what he does🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

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