Adjust VW Fan

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How to properly adjust your Type 1 VW’s alternator or generator fan belt


Blake E says:

Fast, simple, and well explained video. Thanks!

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805emerica says:

By any chance would you know what kind of v-belt is for a vw 1600cc engine with alternator?

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J. Muller says:

I just tried to tighten the belt on my 71 Beetle  it had 2 shims left removed them both   tighten  it and still way too loose.  It's a new belt  say  Contitech 11.3 X 912 La    is that the right belt ?  If so what can it be ? Thanks.

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otroman5 says:

I have a 2387 turbo on my sand rail even with the belt on tight it toss it out any idea why this happens any info would help thanks

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canopypilot says:

geez i just learned something new 

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CMS2000 says:

Thanks. When you removed the two shims from the inside, did you add them to the outside? You mentioned doing that at the end when you said you might need to pull one more out and adding to the outside.

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Ginger Benson says:

Thanks for the video, I have adjusted my belt on my dunebuggy, but now am going to re-do by removing a couple more shims and I should be good to go. It took me about 4 minutes.

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belt could be too far stretched. try a new one

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cmpg33k says:

I have removed all the shims and the belt is still loose… could the generator or fan shroud be loose causing the generator to sag and not get good tension on the belt?

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Hummingbirds2009 says:

Do you have a video on how to remove and install a generator in a vw?

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maddogmatt44 says:

should you be able to stop the fan belt with your hand?

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GeminiSeven43 says:

Also good to check if the belt is glazed,cracked or worn out too before adjusting it.
Since it's apart anyway it's a great time to replace it if it needs it and will save you unnecessary readjusting down the road. Just a thought.

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Chris Woolever says:

Hey this helped out alot man, much appreciated. My belt broke on a ride and my engine started over heating. didnt know what I was doing so I came and watched this, mucho thanks man.

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JeepCrazyMe says:

I never knew. I learn something new. Thanks!

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