A Review Of My 1981 VW Rabbit!

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As you guys can tell I absolutely love my mk1 rabbit! Stay tuned for more updates on the car! Instagram: @PatRoell


Waterboxer says:

A rusty diesel, the best kind of rabbit.

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Chief Chandler says:

Bro you need to wrap that shit hahaha

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1Brain4Wheels says:

I agree, old little cars are cool, I want a little project of my own soon, thinking about a Fiero project car-will be a pain to work on, but think the journey could be fun!

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Krzysztof Kunka says:

That little car is so cool. I can see you truly appreciate that car

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Ahmed Moosaji says:

You are totally right any old cars are fun little town toys

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Zappy595 says:

as long as you fix the sunroof

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George Raab says:

LOL. Pat it looks like you're flying a plane and the Rabbit sounds like a plane. But I can't wait to see how she turns out. It's an ugly duckling that's gonna become a beautiful swan. (I know that's cheesy. LOL)

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Gabriel A. Rojas says:

make it a sleeper but put a giant turbo and then tune it

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