800HP Volkswagen Golf 6 R R32 Turbo 4Motion 1/2 Mile Drag Race

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It’s always nice to see a heavily tuned Volkswagen Golf on the drag strip. In this video you can see a Volkswagen Golf 6 R 4Motion tuned by Turbo Technic Sami in action on the half mile Race 1000. Under the hood you will find the R32 engine equipped with R30 turbo’s, racing filters and last but not least Lamborghini Aventador brakes! Best time Half mile VMAX: 256,031 km/h @ 18,655 seconds. Damn..this thing is quick!

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Tadej Božičko says:

Terrible sound

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mkfourgli1 says:

damn that sounded good through my headphones.

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Patrick Welte says:

Wieso fährt das Auto immer alleine ??? Zu lahm am start 😉

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smwsh42 says:

3:28 was ist den das hinten rechts neben dem Auspuff ?

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spadgm says:

Cool car, thanks for the vid!

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EvoDna says:

No way this thing is 800hp I did 160 in a half mile with 600hp and a Da of 7800ft. Sounds good though.

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alex 57030 says:

its running way too rich

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SkylineZSC says:

Manual is best

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Japanese V8 says:

its a vr6 right?

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Peter Pan says:

Best V6 engine sound ever produced.

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Nash Bridges says:

sounds like a bucket of bolts. 800 bhp…. I don't think so 😂😂😂

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Constantin Nicolescu says:

800. Next year this time, maybe

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demchevyboyz says:

idk about 800hp maybe 500 because if that's 800 then that must be the best working all wheel drive setup in the world because I have seen cars under 500 leave with more excitement then this

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Neno Vukelic says:

does not sound or move nothing like 800 at all!!

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oppanheimer says:

What an awesome car.

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Alişan Karakuş says:

ya araba sürmeyi bilmiyor, ya da şanzıman çok kemikli.

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leandro50163 says:

the golf 6 R 3.6 by HGP takes 22 sec. to reach 300km/h from 0.

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