2018 VW Golf GTE – FULL REVIEW – All You Need To Know

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It’s no secret that Europe has long had access to versions of the popular Volkswagen Golf compact hatchback that Canadians could only dream about. Occasionally, however, those dreams solidify into something a little more substantial, which is how North Americans got a taste of both the e-Golf and the fabled Golf R.
The vehicle I’m piloting through the Austrian Alps today is yet another example of VW’s tease, tease, tease – a model that aims to straddle the gap between the all-electric e-Golf and the affordable fun of the GTI. It’s the Volkswagen Golf GTE, and it’s been designed to spread its high-tech message to the masses who might not have thought they could afford a performance-oriented hybrid.
The Golf GTE isn’t a totally unknown quantity on this side of the Atlantic, as its hybrid drivetrain is already marketed here under the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron banner. While it’s simplistic to label the GTE a Volkswagen version of the e-tron, the truth lies somewhere in between: both are small hatchbacks featuring a plug-in electric drivetrain that’s oriented as much towards driving pleasure as it is towards saving you a buck or two at the fuel pump.

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