2017 Volkswagen Golf R Driving Impression – GQM Review

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Here is my take on Dan’s 2017 Golf R in its stock trim.

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Dirk Diggler says:

A simple tune really wakes these things up

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Dakota Schaeffer says:

Those DSG farts! ❤️

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Robert Milat says:

Man, put some washer fluid in the car! ….. No response

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Dennis Vanderben says:

quiet as hell tho, needs an exhaust

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good review ty

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TurgBurglar says:

Abs lock up? You mean abs activation. Good, aggressive driving. It is good to get some feedback from a classic car guy. Where did you guys Mike the engine? I own a golf r, and you guys did a great job of capturing the engine. That car sounds way better than mine, lol

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GSA says:

German cars are the best on the Planet !

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Minho Yang says:

great review!

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Kevin Separy says:

nice car dan! sounds like a great DD

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TKA905 says:

That's a lot of induction noise. Was the sound input recorded only from the interior?

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Shaun Barnard says:

If you look at what that car costs, i would rather go for an S2k any day, not because it is my favorite but because it is more of a drivers car. But im glad he bought the DSG, i hear the manual gives problems, gearbox cant handle it. But would depend on how you drive it of cause. The other thing I wanted to ask is… miata or S2k? If you had to choose one.. i kniw you said you bought the miata when you couldn't afford an S2k, but now that you have them for such a long time, which would be your choice?

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Luka Matijašević says:

Quicker than your Miata turbo?

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David Bern says:

I've owned five 7s and three S2Ks and an R for my daily. This thing really is the best of all worlds in this price range. It's also Super Easy to make BIG power with. The DSG is key to this car as well. I love me some manual but that DSG is stupid fast.

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JET997u says:

An automatic? Really?

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kuni145 says:

Was this with the new exhaust?

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