1999 VW Jetta Headlight Wiring & Fuse Repair

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01784 1999 VW Jetta Headlight Wiring & Fuse Repair – The headlamp burned out on the driver’s side of this Jetta. Turns out the bulb just blew, but it was probably due to faulty wiring also. The wires got hot, melted some of the insulation, and eventually they touched, causing a short which blew the fuse.

Electrical tape isolates the wires, a new bulb replaces the old one, and a new fuse gets the circuit working for now. A more permanent repair would include replacing the bulb connector socket.


Jose Sotoortiz says:

I have the same issue but it only goes out when I turn on the high beam will this work ?

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Brady Bosley says:

I'm having the same issue just not with my wires messed up my fuse still could possibly be blown ?

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Wenjie Wang says:

Hi, my fuse for signal lights always burned, and the front signal also burn very quickly right after I replace a new one, so what's the problem do you think? Thanks

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