1984 VW Rabbit Diesel – Part 4 – No Bueno

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Not looking good for the Rabbit. It has an unfixable brake issue.


Liqueur says:

break booster could be bad

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Jim Lee says:

I'm starting to really dig your vibe and enjoy your content, and get a kick out of your personality, however… you really think you need to say things like that you don't want to look like a Volkswagen owner? That strikes me as overly anecdotal and if I were sensitive it might even come off as abrasive. Not really necessary I feel. Otherwise I love hanging out in the shop with you thanks for the videos

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Mike Rowledge says:

I had to cut lines and bent them back into the reavoir and bleed the master cyl to get mine to work.

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Wouter van der Gaast says:

check the adjustment on the drum brakes.
if they are too loose it will just move the brake shoes freeley and it will feel like there is no pressure.

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Dead Reckon says:

Check your rubber lines, sometimes they can swell, a lot, causing a loss of pedal. But it's probably the master cylinder, I've seen this before, happened on my '77 olds after the one on it blew out going down the interstate doing 70. Replacing it like to had drove me crazy. Got two in town, both garbage, finally gave in and ordered a Wagner from rockauto, I pulled it off after wrecking the car and put it on the '79 Olds I had for a while. Also check the calipers, they can be bad, if they don't move back in like they are supposed too, they fill with fluid and the brakes really don't work. Other than that, I dunno.

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MrCarGuy20 says:

Wherever you were getting the remans, just abandoned that. They were both bad for sure.

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Rewind says:

Test pressure right on the master. Bet you that one is bad also. There is literally no other reason for this to be happening other than a big leak in one of the lines.

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andxx0r_the_second says:

I went through like 4 bad reman cylinders for a 70 Dart Swinger before I got a good one.

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joshonthetube says:

I have heard of (on other cars) situations where new master cylinders are slightly different than old ones, requiring an adjustment to the actuator rod off the pedal (further in or out) to get the proper throw. I don't know if that quite fits your symptoms though.

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VW Project says:

Change master cylinder….

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