1978 MK1 VW Rabbit

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What you are looking at is a 1978 VW Rabbit…This car has 33k original and documented miles. Quite the rarity…..


Christianpatrickgalles Galles says:

that is my dream car

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woody95124 says:

sweeeet!..My mom had one in 1978 in pa…wasa real mover!

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Ana Da Silva says:

would you be willing to sell?

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Amber Turner says:

it's probably the ONLY rabbit with that many miles on it lol
excellent vw though

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Jerry Olson says:

Great Vee-Dub Memories, Thanks.

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Janette Tobin says:

Nice! That was my first car, same color. Mine was a 4 speed manual transmission.

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Eurocore says:

@hospitalbedpan1 its because your not a VW enthusiast!

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hospitalbedpan1 says:

lol why are people calling this monstrosity gorgeous?

Just because it's an old car doesn't make it a gorgeous one.

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BT Rhy says:

AWESOME! i have that same one except four door, and four front lights

epic car!

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mariahadohl says:

fucking gorgeous.

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