1967 beetle restoration. #2 ‘Heater channel cosmetic refinement’.

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I know…a lot of work for little result. But it does look better in my opinion. Just got to repeat it all again for the other side one day…


paul Addison says:

just watched your video great stuff. It's nice to hear an English voice rather than a yank any day.

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1Wild CamaroSS says:

Great work brother!!!! Cheers 🍻

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Monster Sasquatch says:

great channel just subbed

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theouterbay says:

Brave man or getting giddy on the ciggie's I don't know. Still, good work.

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jason andrews says:

awesome work Ross…dont often see lead come out these days…so much better than filler. thanks for sharing buddy

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Tucker Amidon says:

Love these subtle touches, Ross. Others may not know when you're done that you did it, but you'll know.

Are you a self-taught metal worker, or …? I get little tips and techniques to try every time I watch one of your vids.

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cutworm59 says:

Wowsa! Perfection!

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VeeDub P8 says:

Beautiful work!!

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Zac Macpherson says:

Great video man I really like how you edit I need to learn how to do that and I like you ideas for the heater channels I'll have to do that when I pull the body off again lol

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txsviking says:

Man. You are an artist!

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jimmy wilkinson says:

Happy New Year . New year day I think I came up with a new noise in the engine of Rambus .I heard it about 2 weeks ago and was afraid of loose flywheel. Now I listen to the air intake duct and it mite be a fan hub hopefully. If its the flywheel there goes the crank and the flywheel. good video Rambus

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