1966 VW Bus Restoration Slideshow

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1966 VW Bus Restoration about 500 hours to date.


Eica Atelier says:

Loving the music too. 🙂 What is it?

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fuckin bull shit music gave a brain aneurysm .

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George M says:

thank god for a comments section…..FIND YOUR MUTE BUTTON ASAP..though they do a nice restoration their taste in music sucks big time

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86cleo86 says:

Terrible music but nice restoration, thumb up 🙂

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jessman1004 says:

Music is terrible. Can´t look the vid to the end… 🙁

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Dr. says:

Fucking stupid Musik!

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Andrew says:

Great Video !! Then came you're shit taste in music!

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Peter Meijer says:

Dude, fix the music.

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secretly shy simpleton says:

i like the music and I'm glad you restored the vw

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Rob Stockdale says:

Awful awful video, shit music and worst botched up renovation I have ever seen, wonder how much filler is used to straighten those bent panels up

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MrPhenomenon1 says:

thats an incredible soundtrack man,who is it?

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Tan Espinosa says:

Música mala

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