003 – VW Instrument Cluster Disassembly & Odometer Repair

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Jerry’s VW Cabriolet instrument cluster: repair & upgrades, part 1. I disassemble the instrument cluster, remove the gauges from the housing, and repair the odometer.


Peter Moodley says:

cluster is just red

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KempokaiRobin says:


I have an old -88 Memphis that that the odometer stopped working during repair at the mechanic. They fixed it but the needle now moved up and down and now it is not working. Will give it a try with the help of your videos. Best wishes from Sweden

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Troy Boy says:

Hi, do you have messages disabled or did YouTube change how you send messages? I'd like to send you a cluster also.

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Hector Bernaldo says:

How do I send a cluster to you?

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78Revolutions says:

Hey mate. Had some problems during reassembly, kind of spelled out below. Do you know if this is fixable?

When I took mine apart, after the faceplate was off, and we removed the four screws to be able to lift up on the red gear and slide it back…my whole fromt portion came free from the base. I watched you do the whole repair as a semi-assembled unitecause the camera had shut off). I never saw your section removed, even though you mentioned it did, in fact, remove. So I have done all my repairs, but when I put the faceplate back on, I can push the needle on, but if you lift the needle to try to get it over the seating peg, it just pulls the spring though the faceplate hole. No clue whats going on.

There is a little pin that it leads to on the backside of the clear portion/numbers, and it appears to seat into the speedo mechanism below that. But no matter how much I push and tap, it isn't 'seating', This would be easier with pics, sorry its so confusing.Here is a vid showing the needle slop. I know it wasnt this way before, because it was solid when removing the speedo needle.


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78Revolutions says:

Thank #$%^& for people like you, and the internet. I just bought an 89 jetta for my daughter, and we have to track the mileage for her insurance purposes (safe driver program thing). I called in the mileage last week, and then as I am driving, realize…It isnt tracking miles. So I have the cluster out, and will be watching this vid this week to attack the repair. IM only to the point where you have the tach out at this point, so Ill stop there and return this week. cant wait, and Ill let ya know how it goes…

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